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About Gen One

The Start and the Art

Even as a kid I noticed that I was naturally drawn to design. I loved creating things from scratch. As I progressed, I took on side projects to only be commended time and again. My well thought through and visually appealing designs set me apart from my peers. – Perry Sorensen (Founder)

Design That Stands Out

A customer-centered thinking and the love for design turned out to be an effective combo when collaborating with agencies, clients and brands. I always enjoy developing digital concepts and solving problems that pop-up during the production stage. This rough framework represents my pathway to a balanced understanding of the web design as it is and as it should be!

A Creative Journey

On par with our love for an aesthetically pleasing design, we also developed a true passion for functionality and a structured approach. We have been in charge of overseeing all things related to the creative process in a startup and received a first hand experience in the success and errors that can be made. We believe this is where our passion for helping small businesses comes from.

The Pieces Fit

I am web designer that currently helps with all forms of digital marketing in Roseburg, Oregon. Initially, the digital artworks and small website design tasks were my gateway to the creative industry. This eventually led me to a life changing decision of founding my own web design studio, as my first independent step in the world of the digital design.

Why Gen One?

We don’t just design, we see the big picture and all the necessary roles that need to be filled in order to achieve a high conversion rate.

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Special Note

Every single person that Gen One works with becomes a part of who we are. We only find success in ourselves, if our clients find the success they are looking for. If you succeed, we succeed. We take this to heart with every project we take on. It’s by that notion we serve you and your business. We think creatively to solve the problems of start-ups and non-profits. It’s our passion!

Perry Sorensen

Founder of Gen One Design

Our Mission

At Gen One, our mission is to collaborate with our clients for the best experience, design, and of course, results. Design evolves just as frequently as technology and our client’s needs. It is for that reason we strive to be current on the latest trends and advances to ensure that not just our company is above the curve, but yours as well. Having passion for watching client’s businesses grow, making them more successful, and allowing them to take on any competitor with confidence, will be deep rooted in every project. Our clients are the heartbeat to our company, therefore, we aim to give individual attention to each of our clients, building a solid and lasting relationship based on trust and satisfaction. We believe success can only be measured by the success of those who we have the pleasure of working with. We are Gen One Design.

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